Set of 2 Dorchester DOF Tumblers Fully Cut (24%)

Item Code - DOR92DOFFCST2
  • Stature parfaitement équilibrée, verre taillé modèle classique
  • Ce verre est droit et élégant
  • Verre taillé à la main
  • Cristal au plomb 24%
  • Ce verre est droit et élégant

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Poids 400 g

80 × 80 × 95 mm


35 cl




Lead Crystal



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This set of 2 Dorchester DOF Tumblers (24%) stand out with an elegant design, which meets even the highest expectations. Each glass bowl is made up of a multitude of smaller, symmetrical cuttings to make a series of ‘rounds’. This detailed design create beautiful refractions of light throughout each piece.

Each of the decanters, along with the double old fashioned tumblers, are 24% lead crystal and all the items are available both with a blank panel for engraving as well as fully cut.

All the fully cut items, with the exception of the Wine and Ships Decanter, also come gift boxed.